From handicraft to industry, a long way started in 1871...

It was in those times that Ambrogio Tenconi started his work as a blacksmith in Airolo, to coincide with the excavation of the railway tunnel under the St. Gotthard.

His sons Faustino and Guglielmo went on with their father's activity, which was taken up and expanded later by Fausto and Edoardo, who gave the company the name Fratelli Tenconi in 1943, a firm that had the aim of running a workshop for steel constructions.

In 1974 the company turned into a Limited company, gaining more and more industrial characteristics. After the two brothers' death its name was changed into TENCONI SA and in 2001 the company was further expanded with a new mechanical workshop in Gordola.

In 2008 the company purchases a ground in Cadenazzo with the purpose to build a further productive unit, addressed to replace the one in Gordola.

On the 12th October 2012 our new productive department in Cadenazzo has been inaugurated.