Steel Constuctions

Fabrication of octagonal steel poles and lattice towers for transmission lines using presses of up to 600 tons and 10 m length.

The steel Constructions Division is equipped for the fabrication of steel poles and lattice towers for transmission lines, for supporting platforms for mobile telephone network, Hollow Steel Sleepers and Stator Cages.

Since many years we produce components of insulators for installations of high-voltage lines.

The available machinery, i.e. presses of up to 600 tons, plasma and oxygen cutting torches, welding robots, allows the fabrication of medium size steel works.

The Technical Office is equipped with a CAD-CAM system for the design of mechanical components and parts.

The static calculations for the steel works are carried out in-house and the design takes into account every need of the Customer, i.e. the erection of steel poles in impervious regions using helicopters.